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OSF Missionary Franciscans of Christ the King

The Missionary Franciscans of Christ the King are a group of individuals who are committed to the rules and charism of the Franciscan tradition. Some of our unique charisms are:
  • Both men and women who are called to the life of penance may participate in the life of the Order.
  • Both celibate and non-celibate members may join the Order.
  • Non-members of the Old Roman Catholic Church in America may participate in the Order.
  • We follow the Primitive Rule of 1221 as a guide according to each member's particular situation and ability.
  • All members may wear the habit of the Order as was allowed before 1508, when Pope Julius II decreed that only celibates were to wear habits.
  • Members utilize the initials O.S.F. (Ordo Sancti Francisci) after their name, with novices using n/O.S.F.
Individual members participate in various ministries which include parochial ministries, hospital chaplaincy, jail and prison ministries, intercessory prayer, and other ministries that glorify God and serve their fellow man.
Please note: We are not related to the Franciscan (Missionary) Brothers or Sisters of Christ the King or any combination of names thereof.


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