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OSB: Congregation of Reformed Hermits of St Benedict

The Congregation of Reformed Hermits of St Benedict OSB  is a congregation of men dedicated to emulating the life and spirituality of St Benedict in the "reformed" monastic spirit of St Romuald. The Congregation's first house, currently under construction is the  Monastery of Saint Joseph, Zadar, Croatia in Europe.

Romualdian eremitism, in fact, presents itself as an original and distinctive form of monastic life. Since the hermit does not live entirely in solitude - easy prey to the spiritual dangers and illusions which that sort of life affords - but becomes part of a community with a rule approved by the Church and under the paternal authority of a superior.

The aim of the eremitic life is contemplation, which is that inward attitude of prayer by which one seeks to keep the heart constantly turned toward God. Note well that prayer is as much for others as for oneself, in the sense that the hermit is not a man shut up in egoism, but one who presents to God, together with the offering of his own life, the needs and sufferings of the entire world.

The candidate must be ready to accept all those "hard and rough ways through which we go to God" (Rule of St. Benedict, Chap. 58): generous obedience, which can require even transfer to a distant land; availability to serve the brethren even by manual labor, according to the various needs of the house; the frugality of the food; the nocturnal rising for prayer (at about 4 a.m.); the cloister and the silence. In a word, one must be disposed to follow Christ bearing each day one's own Cross, with a life of evangelical penance: dedicated, difficult at certain times, but certainly not impossible with the Divine assistance.

But the fundamental quality, which is the root from which all the others sprout is a genuine faith, which makes one who is called say: "Lord. I wish to give myself to Thee for Thy glory to respond to Thy superabundant love, for my salvation and that of the brethren. I want my offering to be total, until death, in spite of all the difficulties that I will encounter along the path. My trust is not in my own poor powers, but in the power of Thy grace."


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