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How does the Clerical Directory work?

  1. How do I register for inclusion?

    Go to the "Members" page and complete the Registration form. This is the same for "Clerics" and "Religious".

    "Clerics" are those who have received the Tonsure and minor or major Ordinations.

    "Religious" are those who have professed religious vows e.g. monks, nuns, religious sisters etc.

    If you are a Regular Cleric i.e. a professed Religious who has received minor or major Orders, you should complete ALL relevant sections.

    You should email separately an electronic photograph of yourself and any CV you would like to be included. This is particularly so that your identity and credentials can be proved and if necessary attested to.

  2. Who will see my profile?

    Only registered members of the Clerical Directory i.e. other members, can see the full biographies of the members. External enquirers i.e. non-members, can only see Listings which give minimum information.

    Any request for more information about a member from an external source will be referred to the individual member concerned. No information will be given to an external source without prior permission of the member concerned.

  3. How do I get a password?

    When you initially register as a Member you set your own password. If approved, you will then be invited to complete your Member's Profile and can complete your Profile and enjoy the benefits of Membership, including access to the Forums and other's profiles.

  4. Who can register?

    Registration and inclusion in the Clerical Directory is reserved to bona fide clerics and professed religious of recognised Old Roman Catholic jurisdictions ONLY. Clergy of other traditions or churches are ineligible.

    Only Sacred Ministers in direct Old Roman Catholic lineages are eligible, mixed Apostolic Successions are currently ineligible i.e. where a Bishop's primary lineage is not exclusively Old Roman Catholic.

    Similarly, only clergy and religious of known Old Roman Catholic jurisdictions may register.

    The Editorial Committee's decision on membership and inclusion is final and irrevocable.

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