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Acta Episcoporum

Episcopal Acts

It is a canonical requirement of every Bishop that he keep a register of Episcopal Acts, i.e. a record of all offices he performs during his episcopal ministry e.g. ordinations, consecration of chalices, altars, places of worship, new bishops etc. 

One of the purposes of this Directory is to create an archive, that the Episcopal actions of Bishops are traceable and verifiable e.g. to confirm the ordination of a cleric, the erection of a diocese, the co-consecrator of a bishop etc.

Bishops are expressly and cordially invited to participate in the collation of this Acta Archive by sending in entries from their Episcopal Registers for archiving and referencing. The Editorial Committee regrets that it is unable to provide administrative support for this i.e. the Archive is reliant on individuals sending their information for the Archive and any updates as appropriate. What the Acta Archive will do, is simply collate this information and create a database to archive entries under individual Bishops' names.

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